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CatalystCon Midwest

Join authors Dr. Carol Queen & Shar Rednour for Writing Sex & Pleasure: Tackling a Comprehensive Sexuality Tome.

CatalystCon Midwest
April 1 – 3 2016
Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Chicago, IL
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Writing Sex & Pleasure: Tackling a Comprehensive Sexuality Tome
Carol Queen, PhD, Shar Rednour

When old friends Femmepress Shar Rednour and Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist Carol Queen reunited to write a book on sex they didn’t want to make just any “how-to guide,” they set out to create an expansive sex compendium that anyone could use and benefit from reading and re-reading throughout the years. Hear their thoughts about sexuality from cradle to grave—and enjoy their tales of throwing away Kinsey’s rulers to embrace spectrums instead. Magnifying glasses gathered dust while horizons of infinite possibilities were eye-spied. Prisms are indeed welcome at this presentation!

If we posit that sexual growth is never-ending, then is there any end to writing a book?

Find out how they distilled almost forty years of Good Vibrations’ know-how into THE book about sex and pleasure.

From Shar’s emphasis on shame-free child-rearing and ally-making to Carol’s commitment to sex-positive discourse and diversity, in this presentation they’ll share the results of their collaboration –– the whole-life overview of sexual health and pleasure, and how to get it all on the page.

CatalystCon Midwest '16